Official Launch 4/20

The Miss Marijuana Beauty Pageant


The Miss Marijuana Beauty Pageant is a North American (US & Canada) competition
for fun-loving, friendly, personable and confident girls with a great attitude.

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Contestants must be between 18 and 30, single (unmarried), natural born woman.
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Who Should Be Interested In This Opportunity?

Miss Marijuana provides an opportunity for any young ladies ages 18 to 30 with any background, models, non-models or anyone aspiring to be in a beauty pageant. Most anyone qualifies, subject to our rules and regulations.

Contestants will enter our online pageant for the first 60 days and the winner from each state, Puerto Rico and Canada will go to the finale in Las Vegas to compete for the first ever Miss Marijuana crown.

NOTE: Pictures are paid for photos and not necessarily indicative of contestants. Use of actual contestant photos would give them an unfair advantage so we do not use them.

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