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The Miss Marijuana Beauty Pageant


The Miss Marijuana Beauty Pageant will be a North American (US & Canadian) pageant that honors fun-loving young women and is based on beauty, personality, and intelligence. Miss Marijuana is the proverbial “girl-next-door” with a great attitude, is friendly, honest, approachable and confident

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Contestants must be between 18 and 30, single (unmarried), natural born woman.
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Grand Prize Is A New Vehicle As Well As Cash & Other Prizes To Be Announced!*

Who Should Be Interested In This Opportunity?

Miss Marijuana provides an equal opportunity for any woman interested including promotional models, cannabis & marijuana models, experienced beauty pageant contestants or even a non-model aspiring to break into the pageant and modeling industry.

Contestants will compete online is a State by State contest, followed by a live in person national pageant,  with the winner being crowned Miss Marijuana.

 Miss Marijuana's the  type of girl all the guys want, and all the girls want to be friends with...

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