Jenny Jones


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Age: 29 years old.
Contestant First Name Jenny 
Contestant Last Name Jones 
Occupation Teacher 
Why I want to win the title of Miss Marijuana Because it would be so exciting! 
How important is winning to me? The most important thing ever! 
The most interesting thing about me I roll a good joint! 
What qualities I think the perfect man should have Eyes, toes, legs, arms, you know no missing stuff! 
Would I ask a man out on a date? Never, I am too old fashioned 
What makes me laugh Jokes, any joke. 
Worst Habit I am told I bogart the joint. 
Favorite thing to do Smoke 
I like sports No 
My favorite food Pizza 
My favorite drink Water 
Three words that best describe me The Bomb Diggity 
Favorite feature about myself My lips 
I have special talents or hobbies? No 
Place in the world I would most like to visit Colorado 
My favorite vacation spot Colorado, again! 
Actor would you like to date Harpo 

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